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Why Does Your Business Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Lawsuits filed by employees against current, former and even prospective employers have been on the rise since the 1990s. No company, large or small, is immune from these types of accusations and

Commercial General Liability Insurance is Your First Line of Defense, But You Still Might Have Coverage Gaps!

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is one of the most important components of a comprehensive business insurance portfolio. It protects your company’s assets from liability claims stemming

What Can Business Income Insurance Do For You?

Business Income coverage, also called business Interruption coverage, is protection against loss of income or profits, in which a business has suffered a property loss or damage from a fire, natural

Review and Save on Your Employee Benefits

As a business owner, you know how much benefits are an important factor in the lives of your employees. Often, the benefits you offer can be a deciding factor in attracting and retaining qualified,

Find the Right Commercial Property Insurance for Your Business

You have worked hard building and maintaining a successful business, and you want to be sure that time and energy is protected when the unthinkable happens. Whether you’re in the business of food

Do You Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

When cyber attackers hacked retail giant Target’s databases and millions of credit card numbers and associated information were compromised, it made the headlines. The same amount of attention was